Entertainment News 4/27

Recently, the latest trailer for X-Men: First Class came out. We get to see more of the story and the characters. Me, not knowing my mutant from a hole in the ground, can only recognize Beast, Mystique, Professor X, Magento, and Emma Frost.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little more Greek, and a little less clothed, this movie is for you. Being a God of War fan, this movie looks very similar to the premise of the game. However, GOW fans know you kill Theseus in the second game, by slamming a door on his head. But that’s neither here nor there. The moral of this story is it looks awesome, and it comes out on Veteran’s Day.

Finally, it’s time for aliens to attack. Skyline had pretty LA’ers fighting them, Battle for Los Angeles had the Marines fighting them, and the Kitchen Sink will have vampires and zombies fighting them. So, who’s left? How about inner-city gangs in England?

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