Entertainment News 4/7

Sorry for the long delay, been pretty busy. Going to go through these as fast as possible

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is about a PI who investigates crimes among the dead….Zombies, Vampires, and other creatures. Kinda reminds me of Forever Knight. The trailer looks interesting, in a “done in the spirit of Blade” way. You know the old schtick about how the trainer always gets killed halfway though the movie? They get around this by having the sidekick die….and come back to life. Interesting touch.

If you haven’t had enough Shrek-type fairy tales in your life recently, Dreamworks is here to remedy that. Puss n’ Boots is in his own, self-titled movie. I wonder how close, if at all, they will be to the original story, about a cunning cat who amasses fame and notoriety by trickery. My guess is, not very closely.

Kung-Fu Panda 2 will be hitting theaters in 2011. Not much to say about this, except anything with Jack Black in it already has low expectations from me. Sequels, even more so.

Fading of the Cries has Brad Dourif as a demon out to kill a young man and woman. Why? Not sure. I guess that’s just what demons do – kill everything. The trailer seems to have some nice fight sequences in it, which might make it interesting to see.

A full trailer for The Hangover 2 is available. It seems to be a copy of the first one, just set in Thailand. I’m surprised the music isn’t One Night in Bangkok.

Even though this was announced on April 1, I hope it’s not a joke. Channing Tatum is going to be in Pan, a story about the origins of Peter Pan. Hopefully, he will be the title character, and we will get to see him prance around in green tights.

Have you ever heard of the Shakespeare Conspiracy Theory? Basically, it says that all of Shakespeare’s work was actually penned by someone else, and either Shakespeare stole it, or he never existed. That is the premise of Anonymous.

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One Response to Entertainment News 4/7

  1. The Never Fairy says:

    The trailer is out for Puss in Boots. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fairy tale. Click!

    And Peter Pan doesn’t really wear tights, you know 😉

    What’s wrong with this is Peter Pan already has a backstory!
    It’s called “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens” and it’s written by his creator, Sir J.M. Barrie. How can they have such disrespect???
    Their concept is not new either. Barrie himself thought of Pan’s brother… and it’s not Hook. His notes have been made into a book: Click!

    And another great take on Pan is this one: Click!


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