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Entertainment News 4/27

Recently, the latest trailer for X-Men: First Class came out. We get to see more of the story and the characters. Me, not knowing my mutant from a hole in the ground, can only recognize Beast, Mystique, Professor X, Magento, and … Continue reading

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Entertainment News 4/20

As of posting, there doesn’t seem to be too much to talk about, but here goes. The movie Warm Bodies is a love story with zombies…no really. A zombie falls in love with a warm body (hence the name) and … Continue reading

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This Week in Kittehs 4/15

Always have a plan for the Zombie Hordes! Spoiled Alert Why you should keep your cat’s nails trimmed A heart-warming story (more than just a cute picture.) Do it…I dare you Not exactly Poseidon

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This Week in Kittehs – 4/8

If you get this, you are offically a nerd. Maybe he wasn’t named right… Everyone needs a hobby. Maybe the lint trap is a little overdue… Someone’s about to be sued…for false advertising. This must come from Australia.

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Entertainment News 4/7

Sorry for the long delay, been pretty busy. Going to go through these as fast as possible Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is about a PI who investigates crimes among the dead….Zombies, Vampires, and other creatures. Kinda reminds me of … Continue reading

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If it proves something you believe, question it!

Over the weekend, I saw some of my straight friends post a link to an article, which talks about a tweet, about a study which proves that homophobic men are really closeted gay men. Aside from playing 6 Degrees of Kevin … Continue reading

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