Entertianment News 3/2/11

The Hangover is getting a sequel. I never watched the first one, so I can’t comment about the quality of it. However, in general, sequels are often lamer than the original, because they try to recapture the magic that made the first one popular. Comedies are notorious for this. So, I don’t know about you, but I’m not expecting too much.

Speaking of things which try to recapture the magic of an original, if you’re not too busy watching Scream 4, then maybe you should spend your time in Detention. It’s the same basic concept, but at least they acknowledge the fact they are a derivative. The trailer specifically points out that this sounds like “that movie scream”. Maybe we will be lucky and get a movie that doesn’t try to hard to take itself seriously.

The Last Voyage of Demeter is a movie in development which focuses on the ship Demeter which, unbeknownst to the crew, is actually transporting Dracula to London. This is the set-up for the story in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Well, at least this vampire probably won’t be sparking.

That’s it. This week was really slow.

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