Entertainment News 2/23/11

There’s not that much to talk about this week, so here’s a quick run-down.

First, we have a horror movie called Insidious. It’s almost your standard demon-haunted flick, except that instead of the house being haunted, it’s the son. How do I know this? They give it away at the end of the trailer. They could do so much with this premise, but, alas, I fear they won’t, sob. But kudos for the trailer, it seemed to be a bit higher standard than the usual.

Next, we look at Apollo 18. I’m just showing this to be mean. The premise of the film is that Apollo 18, which was cancelled after the return of Apollo 17, along with Apollos 19 and 20, actually did lauch, and went to the moon. However, they were ALL infected by this space-type organism or parasite, which drove them all crazy, and the mission was a resounding failure. The US Government this covered the lauch up, and this is the real reason we never went back. Oh, and to prove it, they have found the lost footage taken by the astronauts, documenting their descent into madness. Yeah, let’s call this “Blair Witch In Space”.

My final offering is Wrecked. A guy wakes up with amnesia to find he’s been in a car crash. This trailer suffers from the “give the twist away in the trailer” plague. See, it turns out he kidnapped and killed a woman. All of his accomplices are dead. I think it would have been better to keep this twist hidden.

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