Entertainment News – 2/16/11

Are you ready for a Trailer Park?

First, lets look at the sequel to Hoodwinked, Hoodwinked, too. If you dont’ remember Hoodwinked, it was a musical CGI which was retelling of Red Riding Hood. I really enjoyed Hookwinked, but I’m afraid that Hoodwinked, Too has suffered from Sequelization. That’s when they try to recycle all the jokes, but some of the funny is lost in the progress.

Next, let’s look at X-Men: First Class. This is how Magneto and Prof. X seperated. It’s set during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There’s a shot of the Blackbird, and it looks like an SR-71, but this would create an anachronism. SR-71 was first used in 1964, two years after the 1962 CMC. A friend pointed out that it could be a YF-12, which basically looks like an SR-71, but an acquaintance pointed out that Blackbird has features which are not present in either model, so you can’t really call it either. I know I’m an X-Men movie fan, so I’m going to do my best to go see this.

Now, if you’re in to unadulterated gorefests, maybe you need to see Hobo with a Shotgun. Yes, I know it’s the most original movie title since Snakes on a Plane, but that’s not important right now. I, personally, have no interest in paying money to see this, but it definitely looks like it could be one fast-paced action sequence after another. I’d netflix it.

And, in case you are wondering, the Bruce Willis movie RED, is getting a sequel.

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