Entertainment News 2/9/11

In case you missed them, here are some new trailers that premiered during the Super Bowl –

Captain America is coming to the big screen with Chris Evans in the lead role. This is set during World War 2. This looks like it will be strickly an “origins” movie.

Super 8 has been refered to as a possible prequel to Cloverfield. To the best of my understanding, after an accident on train carrying some kind of malevolent creature, the creature terrorizes a small town in 1979. The name comes from a Super 8 camcorder. I’m not sure if this link is supposed to be like some kind of Titanic thing, where they Super 8 film is found, then we see what happened. I personally find this trailer annoying, because a bad habit has formed in Hollywood to juxtapose high-octane action sequences against music that doesn’t match. The trailer says Independance Day, the music say E.T.

Finally, we have Transformers 3. A teaser trailer put out earlier in the year had one of the moon landings (unclear which one) investigate some kind of crashed ship on the moon during a black-out period. This is just random blowing things up – which isn’t a bad thing. In this trailer, the accompanying music goes much better with the action. It’s more of a “hold your breath and wait for the next scene”, which, a really good action movie should have you doing that.

We now return you to your regularly schedule blog post, already in progress.

There’s a new vision of Robin Hood that’s been announced. This is set in Urban America.

It seems like an old stand-by, that if there is an initiation that goes wrong, and it’s about women, it’s a horror movie. If it’s about men, it’s an action movie. This is no exception.

Another comic series is coming to the big screen, Afterburn. Gerard Butler (300) will be in this one. I wonder if we get to see him running around in speedoes again.

Finally, a second trailer for Hop has come out. It seems like an old tale – single, successful guy gets someone to have to take care of. They make this story unique by making this new charge…not a human, but a bunny, who is supposed to become the Easter Bunny, but has run away. And the bunny wants to be a drummer. Yay, the originality. If I went to movies specifically because of who was in it, I’d only go because it has James Marsden (Cyclops – X-Men series) in it.

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