Entertainment News 2/2/11

First up, we have Earth Defense Force. It sounds like a tired old plot. Round one, aliens invade, and leave us reeling. However, in Round two, we come out swinging, and show them we are not one to be messed with. That sounds great, on paper, and I’m all for suspension of disbelief, but really, if they have the technology to travel light-years, there’s no reason to think there would be a round 2, and even if there was, how could we even stand a chance. Think the Native American wars during the US’s westward expansion.

Next on the list, we have We Will Rock You. Have you seen Mama Mia? It’s the same concept. It’s a dystopian society, where rock music is unknown. So they take this premise, which kinda seems like a variation of Footloose, and use Queen songs to turn it into a musical. I’m mildly interested in seeing it, simply because it is a musical, and if I don’t, they will pull my gay card, but my expectations aren’t that high.

Now, we look at another Queen-themed movie, a biopic about Freddie Mercury. Take it for art and entertainment, movies based on real events are notoriously bad at portraying things as they actually happened. Sasha Baron Cohen has the titular role.

Finally, we have what looks like the most original movie I’ve heard about in a long time – Rubber. It’s about an old, abandoned tire, and its escapades terrorizing a small down in middle-of-nowhere desert state. It’s an independent film, but this company has released stuff before, so there’s a little experience there. This looks like it could be a really awesome bad movie, so while it may be panned by the critics, it could develop a cult following. I think it will end up being like a train wreck, something awful, and horrible, but you just can’t look away.

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