Entertainment News 1/19

Andrew Garfield, who is, for all intents and purposes, a nobody in The States, is going to be the next Spider-Man. Not really surprised, though. In superhero/comic book movies, they usually cast people who haven’t really made a name for themselves. Can you name 5 movies Toby MacGuire was in BEFORE Spider-Man?

Did you know there’s going to be an Alien prequel? Well, there kinda is, but kinda not. What started out as the Alien prequel has morphed into Prometheus. While I’m approaching this with an open mind, speculation seems to predict what seems like, in my mind, the same problems with all prequels – timeline distortion. Events in the prequel happen which make the timeline of orignal movie problematic. We’ve seen this time and time again. 

One thing I just don’t understand is how Jim Carrey stays employed. He’s a bad actor. Is watching him in a movie like watching a car crash? You know it’s horrible, and you know people are getting hurt, but you just can’t look away? Well, Jim Carrey, in all his lameness, is making a movie with a plot that sounds just as lame as he is. This leads to the question, will the compounded lameness of Carrey and this movie plot create a self-perpetuating black hole of lameness destroying the earth? Only time will tell.

This movie seems to want to ride the coat tails of Harry Potter and Twilight. A teen gets sucked into a world of the supernatural. I’m unfamiliar with the book, so I can’t draw any conclusions.

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