Entertainment News – 1/12

Can’t get enough incarnations of Freaky Friday? Then we’ve got you covered!

The new trailer for Priest gives me cautious optimism. But, after the crimes against humanity that were Judge Dredge and The Losers, I don’t have too much faith in movies based on graphic novels.

Battle: Los Angeles has the same premise as Skyline. While I never saw Skyline, the consistent comments dropped were that it was a huge pile of flaming dog crap. While I found the trailer for Skyline compelling, much like I do this movie…well…once bitten, twice shy.

If you’re more of a “Based on actual events” inspirational movies, such as 127 Hours, then Soul Surfer may be right up your alley. Its premise is the true story of a surfer who survived a nasty shark attack to which she lost limbs, to continue surfing. I think it ends with her winning some surfer competition, or something like that.

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