A tricky situation

Chick-Fil-A has found itself in a controversy. As you may know, CFA was founded on “Biblical principles“. Now, while this is all well and good, I make no judgement call on what any person believes, as long as s/he uses it as a guide for his/her life, when it crosses the line into public policy and public policy advocacy, that’s when it’s time to get smacked around.

CFA is sponsoring a Pennsylvania Family Institue event in February. They will be catering lunch. Now, while CFA doesn’t actually, from what I’ve found, care who you sleep with, and the event isn’t nessecarily an anti-gay event, the PFI does support constitutional amendments making marriage between one man and one woman.

So, this is where I’m calling on your personal judgement. I, personally, have a difficult time chastizing someone for associating with a person or group of…ill-repute. So, while I don’t see this as a high crime or misdemeanor, I won’t lift a finger to prevent you from doing it.

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