When the other team is about to score…

Move the goal post.

That’s what Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina did. All this time, the Republican line has been “It will damage moral and combat readiness”. Now that this has been debunked, they changed their tune . Now they are singing “But do they WANT the ban removed?” We all know that’s what inquiring minds want to know, because it’s the military – the epitamy of having a choice in the matter. A person in command tells you to do something, it doesn’t matter if it gets done or not. Insubordination is a term unknown in the military.

In other news, out of a pool of 23 possible judges for the Proposition 8 appeal, three have been chosen randomly. It’s a 2/1 split, D v R, respectively. If I remember correctly, it’s slated for arguments beginning 12/5 (edit) 12/6.

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One Response to When the other team is about to score…

  1. Mark M. (Seattle) says:

    Aguments in the Porp 8 Appeal start Monday 12-6, not Sunday the 5th

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