Movie News 11/17

Ok, boys and girls, hold tight, because we got a lot of stuff to cover. Ready? GO!

We got a film coming out of Norway which looks like a psuedo-documentary done in the vein of Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity, but this one looks like it was done right. Oh, BTW, no relation to Troll 2.

What do you do when you’re in 15th Century England and the Black Plague is decimating your population? You track down the necromancer who’s causing it.

If you’re interested in another Middle Ages action flick, check out Nicolas Cage as he supports his local crusaders by stopping a witch…or something like that.

Middle Ages too modern for you? Are you looking for a heavenly body to watch? Try a new movie about Roman Legions. Channing Tatum so needs an asteroid named after him, because that is one heavenly body!

If you watched Skylight, I’m sorry for your loss. However, there seems to be a rash of alien invader movies coming out. Maybe we should see a doctor…anyways…This movie has the same basic premise, but the trailer tries too hard to make you care. It puts high intensity action scenes to dramatic music, but the action scenes are so busy, and so short, that you can’t understand what’s happening. Trailer FAIL.

Back to astronomy references…if they named an asteroid after Jason Statham, then it would be a planet killer, because that’s what he does. He brings in a new recruit to help him kick obscene amounts of ass (Ben Foster – Angel from X3).

This movie looks like it looks equal amounts Twilight and VanHelsing. The question is, which way will it go?

It’s been a whole 5 minutes since the last superhero movie came out. Fortunately, Ryan Reyonalds is here to solve that us.

If you like steampunk, cowboys, or space invaders (again), than I’ve got the movie that merges all three. It also has James Bond and Indiana Jones, for good measure.

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