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When the other team is about to score…

Move the goal post. That’s what Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina did. All this time, the Republican line has been “It will damage moral and combat readiness”. Now that this has been debunked, they changed their tune . Now … Continue reading

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Something for you to think about

Suppose you are a high ranking military personell. You are highly decorated and well-respected throughout your branch. You’ve achieved a security clearance to let you in on some of the nation’s most sensitive secrets – secrets, which if revealed, could … Continue reading

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Movie News 11/17

Ok, boys and girls, hold tight, because we got a lot of stuff to cover. Ready? GO! We got a film coming out of Norway which looks like a psuedo-documentary done in the vein of Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity, but this … Continue reading

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This week in Kittehs Photobombing 11/12

Cats win!

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Entertainment News – 11/10

It’s official, Hollywood has run out of new ideas, and new people to put in them.

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DADT future in question

As we all know, Congress was not able to pass a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It’s looking like DADT will be cutĀ from the National Defense Authorization Act. This, if I understand it correctly, is the bill which Congress … Continue reading

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This Week in Kittehs 11/5

When the Zombiecatpocolypse happens, this is what they will be looking for. What happens when a demon cat is taken to the vet. How can you tell if your cat has been watching “Oliver” too much? Someone is a big … Continue reading

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