Enourmous Consequences

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that gays serving freely in the military will have enourmous consequences because those in the military don’t know how to work with…gays. The men and women in our Armed Services can’t just wake up one morning and find out there are gays among them, they will need to to be trained on how to handle working around gays as opposed to straights – because we all know once a gay man enters the room, everything goes into disorder, and straight people just have to cope with the chaos.

So, let me sum up the enourmous consequences in terms of statistics:

Since the lift of DADT, there have been, on average per hour –

0 Unit Coheasion problems reported

0 Disciplinary problems reported

0 Resignations due to gays and/or lesbians being around

0 Privacy problems reported

0 Other/Misc. problems reported due to gays and/or lesbians being around.

Wow, with statistics like that, no wonder DADT stayed in place. /snark

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