Entertainment News 10/13/2010

Back in 1985/6, there was this little movie that came out, it had a couple of sequels, you may have heard of it. It was called “Back to the Future”. The movie starred Micheal J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. This year marks the 25th anniversary, and to commemorate that, a special edition DVD is being released. Well, it turns out that MJF wasn’t the first choice. Eric Stoltz was originally cast as the time traveller, but was cut and replaced with Fox.

If that doesn’t rock your world, then how about Sasha Baron Cohen as “The Dictator”. In a real fiction movie, as opposed to what he’s been cranking out – mockumentaries – Cohen will play a goat farmer who serves as the replacement for the dictator of a country when he gets lost in the US. The dictator will also be potrayed by Cohen. It sounds a lot like an adaptation of “The Prince and The Pauper” if you ask me…which you didn’t.

There was a recent release by M. Night Shyamalan called “Devil”. It’s the first of a series of movies called “The Night Chronicles”. I’m not sure if these movies are supposed to have the same characters, or be in the same universe, but the second movie has just been announced – Reincarnate. This one has the jury deciding the fate of an accused murderer being haunted by supernatural forces. Sounds like fun….

Finally, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas movies. I’m not sure if they are trying to go for a ghost Santa, or an evil Santa, but a Finnish film called Rare Exports is coming out Dec. 3 where an archeological team finds the real Santa Claus. The trailer kinda makes it look like Santa is both the victim and the antagonist at the same time. But, there’s a kid in there also, so he may be the protaganist. It doesn’t make much sense at all.

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