Movie News 10/6

Instead of talking about Freddy and Friends at the USSC, lets talk about something more interesting. COWBOYS VS NINJAS!

The Warrior’s Way is directed by the people behind the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The story is a Chinese assassin is paid to kill off a dynasty. But when he sees the baby, he spares its life and flees to the Old West America. There, he meets new friends and trains a woman in the Warrior’s Way. However, those seeking the end of a dynasty don’t take kindly to those who don’t fulfill their mission, and hordes of ninjas come to kill this man, the baby, and the entire town.

If you’re not interested in that, how about what the musical Chicago would be, if Chicago were an action flick. In Sucker Punch, 5 women are institutionalized. Their way of coping is escaping to a reality where they can bring it – hardcore. They might also be dreaming up their escape from the insane asylum.

And, in case you’re interested, Mylie Cyrus is going undercover at a highschool to protect a teenager in So Undercover. So, is this supposed to Never Been Kissed for the Tweenagers? Pray.

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