This is going to hurt….

Disclaimer: Views expressed on this blog do not represent Dulles Triangles, it’s members, or any affiliated group.

Snyder v Phelps is going to the Supreme Court tomorrow. This is possibly both the best and worst case scenario. No matter who wins, we lose. Let me break it down for you.

As you know, Fred Phelps is the nut job who runs around protest military funerals, saying that tolerating gays in America and in the military. Well, not only did Phelps protest the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Mathew Snyder, but he also posted an essay in which he says that Snyder was raised for the Devil, and taught to divorce, commit adultery, and support the Roman Catholic church, what he called “the largest pedophile machine in the history of the entire world”.

Mathew’s father, Albert, sued Phelps and co. for defamation and invasion of privacy. And he won, Fred Phelps was banished from this dimension, and all was right with the world. The End….

Or not.

So, Snyder was awarded $11 Million. Phelps appealled, and the higher court reduced the award to $5 Million. Then Phelps appealled again, and won. This is all protected free speech. Now, it’s going to the Supreme Court.

Now, here comes the part where we lose. There are 2 possible scenarios here.

1) Snyder wins. Phelps is held up by the religious right as a shining example of the gay agenda. The gays silence their critics. This causes adds fuel to the fires burning against the Democrats. The Republicans come back in full force, and we lose more ground than we’ve gained in 40 years.

2) Phelps wins. Everything remains the same. We still have to listen to his rabid ramblings. This cult lives on to see another day, and another protest.

Now, I’m sure scenario 1 is just worst case scenario in my mind, and the odds of this all happening are slim to none. But, if we have that much to lose, even if it’s a slim odd, shouldn’t we hedge our bets, and hope for the outcome with the least to gain, and the least to lose? This is why I say, no matter who wins, we lose. We have no good option, we just have a least bad. This is why I, personally, hope to see Phelps win. The day after he wins will be the same as the day before. Nothing will change. We don’t have to worry about possible ramifications.

That being said, I would be more than happy to contribute to any legal fees of the Snyders. I think this is a test we HAVE to go through. We will be better and stronger in the end. But, it’s going to hurt in the mean time.

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