DADT stopped on the Senate Floor

If you can get through the political bickering, you’ll find out that the bill to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has failed. The Democrats were able to muster up 56 votes, but 60 were needed to pass it.

What seriously saddens me is that both of my home state senators voted against it. Both are Democrats. The bill that would have repealed DADT was a rider bill, meaning it was an add-on to another bill. The major bill was a Defense Budget bill. The thinking is that Republicans would be crazy if they voted against the defense budget. It was basically a political game of chicken. The Republicans didn’t blink.

First and foremost, why should it be a rider? I mean, I understand why it would be necessary for it to be a rider, since it wouldn’t pass by itself, but, why wouldn’t it pass by itself? The major argument against gays in the military is that it would lower unit morale. Um, so because that butt-ugly guy in the corner is afraid that some gay guy is going to rape him in the shower, I can’t join the military as be who I am. I mean, I’m not down with the concept of “I need to tell you something”, but if I’m asked a question, I’m going to answer it.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Why not?”

“Because I’m gay.”

Should I have to dance around the subject? “I haven’t found ‘the one’ yet.” Should I lie? “Because I just broke up with my last girlfriend, and I’m not ready for another relationship.” No. I have no reason to be ashamed of who I am, and neither should you. There’s nothing unnatural about being gay. Far from it. Same sex sexual activities have been observed in 1,500 other species, and well-documented in over 500. If there’s one thing other than procreating that animals like, it’s sleeping with their best friend Jake-both genders.

Maybe, instead of repealing DADT, we need to change it up. Look we aren’t going to ask, but, if you’re caught saying something dickish, caught being a dick, or marry someone who’s a known dick, you’re out. Dicks have no place in the military. It lowers unit morale, and compromises teamwork.

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2 Responses to DADT stopped on the Senate Floor

  1. Dan Johnson says:

    Throughout its history, it has been the policy and intent that Dulles Triangles should avoid becoming allied with political causes or, as an organization, engage in political discourse or action. For the most part, I agree with this principle: it avoids unnecessary and often unavoidable divisiveness among its members, and there is no lack of local organizations that appeal to anyone’s positions on nearly any political matter. This is DC, after all.

    In this regard, I’d like to share a passage from the book, “Bears on Bears: Interviews & Discussions”, which chronicles perspectives on another predominantly social movement within our community:

    “Even if you’re a social organization — and that’s the way much of the Bear community would see itself — I would still hope to God with all my heart that they would be smart enough to say, ‘Listen, on this issue, they’re trying to take our rights away. And whether it’s us or somebody else, we have to stand up to this issue.’ And at least on occasion give permission to someone in the group to make a statement on that and say that discrimiation is not good for anybody, and we, of all people, have to make sure that we stand together on that.

    “You’re saying that there should be a political component to Bear organizations.

    “There has to be… Sometimes, bearclubs need to say, ‘We need to pass a resolution on this issue. It’s the least that we can do.’ Or at least send out a statement saying, ‘Look, this bill is going to affect us, too. We may be having a nice time in our social club, but we have to speak up, speak out, on this issue.’ Maybe not on every topic, but you have to do it on some things.”

    Does Dulles Triangles have a similar moral imperative to speak out against certain injustices, incurring.the risk that doing so could pose challenges to the health of the organization itself? I do not know for certain, but Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is clearly relevant to our membership, we have the resources and the intellect to exert some force in the matter, and we are located both greographically and culturally at Ground Zero for this issue in particular if not other issues like it.

    I would encourage us at least to discuss the possibilities — seriously but civilly. The price of freedom is vigilance, and today’s events demonstrate that individual diligence on DADT may be insufficirnt. Also, It is never too late to get started.


  2. Jeff says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

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