It’s official! Liberals are smarter than conservatives!

Oh, wait…no, it’s not.

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa has released a study indicating that liberals are smarter than consevatives. But, there are some problems in the way he came up with his answer. First of all, a group of people were measured for intelligence and political leaning at three times over the course of their lives. As children, they had their IQ tested…well, not really. They had their VERBAL IQ test, not their overall IQ. Overall IQ is made of both verbal and performance. So, right off the bat, that’s like saying these kids are smarter than those kids, because these kids got A’s in Math, without realizing that a lot of the kids who got A’s in Math, failed English.

Next, he looked at college attendence. This right here is another skew. Children with higher verbal IQ are more likely to go to college than those with higher performance IQs, but this has nothing to do with intelligence. Kids with high verbal IQ find it easier to communicate, while performance IQ find it easier to grasp spacial concepts and trends. Also, there’s a problem with the idea that college education means you’re smarter. College education just means you’re well versed on a small topic. Ask a math major to discuss the effect M.C. Escher had on the world of art, and you might get a blank stare. Additionally, youth in college do tend to be more liberal than youth of the same age who don’t go to college. This is because of all the new experiences, leaving home for the first time, and meeting new people. You’re literally questioning everything you know.

So, where does that leave us? Right back at square one. There’s no reason to believe if you lean one way politically, that you are more or less intelligent.

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