A sad day for gay boys from the 90’s

Disclaimer – Views expressed in this entry are that of the blogger, and not nessecarily that of Dulles Triangles

Do you remember the song from the late 90’s called “Summer Girls“? All I can really remember from the song is the line “I like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch.” I never really found the song too interesting, because it seemed…superficial.

Anyways, I bring that up because the band was LFO. It was suposed to stand for Lite Funky Ones. This was during a time where you couldn’t tell your LFOs from your 98 Degrees. Every hot guy who could almost sing was in a group. How is this important? Rich Cronin, the front man for LFO died yesterday from complications due to chemotherapy for his luekemia.

Now, while calling him a B list celebrity would be giving him way too much credit, I would shed a tear for him before someone like Chris Farley or Heath Ledger. He doesn’t get as many tears as Phil Hartman, and I’ll tell you why.

Chris Farley and Heath Ledge both died from accidental drug overdoses. To me, this amounts to playing russian roulette, and getting the bullet. While all these deaths are tragic – make no mistake about that – I can’t seem to find sympathy for this. Rich Cronin died from something that really couldn’t have been prevented. He was fighting a battle with an enemy that doesn’t care how big a single you have, how recognizable you are, or how much money you have. He lost his life in the process, but not before suffering several setbacks, including having a stroke. He was 35. When you think of strokes, you don’t really think of 35 year olds getting them. All I can really say is to offer my coldolences and sincerest sympathies to the surviving bandmates and family.

Phil Hartman was killing by his wife in a murder/suicide. There is nothing right about that. But that is conversation for a different time.

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