Apologies for my absence

Sorry for not blogging more often, I got really busy this week. I could go through all the boring details, but this isn’t my personal blog, so I shouldn’t rant and rave about my life. But, I can rant and rave about something in pop culture.

Have you ever played Battleship? You call out an alpha-numeric code, and if the opposing side has a piece in that spot, then it takes a “hit” after so many hits, you lose the piece.

Well, they are going to make a movie out of that. “How” you ask? Extra terrestrial beings invade Earth, and only a flotilla of battleships can save us. Really…They can travel light years, but get them near water, and you mind as well hang a sign on your door-“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”.

Peter Berg is suppose to direct this. I can’t really say anything about him. The only think he’s directed that I’ve seen is Hancock. That’s the Will Smith movie, not the gay porno. That would be Handcock.

Other than that, I can really say too much.

Hope to see you soon.

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