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Entertainment News

First, there’s a movie coming out which looks like War of the Worlds, Independence Day, and Cloverfield all rolled up into one. It’s called Skyline. The problem is that Sony will have a similarly plotted movie coming out also. Ok, … Continue reading

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Our Pal Freddie is Coming to GW

Hey kids, let’s check up on our good friend, Fred Phelps and his buddies down at the Westboro Baptist Church. Well, it looks like he’s planning a trip to George Washington University on November 11th. We should totally run down … Continue reading

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This Week In Kittehs

Here are some pictures of cute kittehs. Even Basement Cat has a soft spot Sesame Street Cats TeenieĀ Kittie makes his first kill Infiltration – The hard way Pirate Kitteh is gonna make you walk the plank Maybe this guy needs … Continue reading

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DADT stopped on the Senate Floor

If you can get through the political bickering, you’ll find out that the bill to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has failed. The Democrats were able to muster up 56 votes, but 60 were needed to pass it. What seriously … Continue reading

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Facebook Scams

Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up about some facebook scams I came across. They are playing on the fears of what’s in your food, and growing anti-corporate sentiment. So, if you see someone likes or, … Continue reading

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It’s official! Liberals are smarter than conservatives!

Oh, wait…no, it’s not. Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa has released a study indicating that liberals are smarter than consevatives. But, there are some problems in the way he came up with his answer. First of all, a group of people were … Continue reading

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Cat Parasites

For all of you that have cats, it’s important to be aware of a parasite that can infect cats and can affect humans. The parasite is Toxoplasma Gondii. It’s a protazoa that really likes cats and, like a lot of … Continue reading

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