Get the hell off my lawn!

That’s what kids these days need to do. And, while their at it, they need to get their own damn generation. In case you haven’t noticed, there have been a sleugh of “new” movie remakes in the past year, and it doesn’t look like they are going to slow down any time soon.

You may fondly, or not so fondly, remember such remakes as Star Trek  and The Karate Kid. Well, then, kids, get ready, because this is about to warm your heart. You remember the 1982 movie by Disney, where some astronauts find a crazy scientist and is evil robot orbiting around a black hole? If not, calm down, it was called “The Black Hole”. Well, guess what, Disney is remaking it. But let’s not stop there. They should totally rip off the B movies also! Don’t panic, Hollywood has you covered. Fright Night is getting updated also. The only saving grace, in my opinion, is that Colin Farrell is playing the evil vampire next door. I kinda want to see that. I like seeing actors with range. That’s something you don’t see too much of. Plus, Jerry (the vampire next door) could totally kick the ass of any sparkling vampire, and have enough left over to send all shirtless werewolves back to the pound. I mean, Ralph Finnes totally took out Edward, how hard could it be?

But, you know, let’s be fair. The Governator hasn’t had a lot of his movies remade, because his stand the test of time. Unless you count the upcoming Total Recall remake. And, if you aren’t satisfied with just one movie from the 90’s being remade, settle down, I’ve got you covered. A movie that has had 2 sequels, plus an animated movie is getting remade. Hollywood is giving you a nice dose of turtle power to get you through the day.

In short, Hollywood has run out of new ideas. They can only rehash old one. I saw we storm the castles, and toss out these slackers. We need some new blood in there, not the same people who keep making the same movies.

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