Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Ken is hosting “Tiffany: Color and Light” at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. He will be spending the night on Sat. Tickets are $15. If you have interest in going or want some more details, please contact him. Anyone interested in the Museum/Hotel package-deal @ $205.00 or @225.00 should contact the Jefferson at 1 (800) 424-8014, and is/are (up to 4/5 more passengers) invited to travel with me (without charge, of course). Of course, interested parties can always make the trip under their own steam and may not be interested in joining in my activities other than the Tiffany exhibit. No admission is required for the Museum’s fabulous Art Nouveau/Modernism and Faberge collections. For the Tiffany exhibit (which closes the next day), advance tickets must be reserved @ $15.00 at or (804) 340-1400. The Hotel/Museum deal includes tickets at no charge.

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