The Hollywood Stock Exchange

Hey, y’all!

Is Facebook unsatisfying for you? Does it leave you unfulfilled? Are you looking for something more? Perhaps you would like to participate in a fantasy activity. Well, let me tell you about the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) is basically a fantasy stock market. It reacts to real news, in real time, including the weekly movie reports. There are movie stocks, star bonds, television stocks, dervatives, and movie funds. Each has a counter on the real exchanged. The movie stocks are kinda like products (oil, gas, grains, etc). Star bonds could be seen as bonds. Television stocks are like businesses. Movie funds are basically mutual funds.

First and foremost, HSX is free. When you sign up, you get $H 2 Million. That’s 2 Million HSX bucks. You can then use that as you see fit. There are also ways you can make more. There are minigames that you can use to get additional H bucks. Then there’s a ranking. You don’t have to be an old-timer to get high on the ranking, it’s based on daily change. So, you could be number 100 today, and 1,000 tomorrow.

Another fun part of HSX is you get to see tons of fun (and not so fun) trailers. There’s and HSX blog, which posts movie revenues, projections for the next week’s revenues, and trailers. That’s where I’ve seen most of my trailers, including Scot Pilgrim vs. The World, Skyline, and Saw-3D.

My personal stats have increased by 100% since I joined, in Feb. This is part playing the games every day, and part adjusting my portfolio. I hope to get available cash back up to snuff, but it’s taking forever to do so. I could sell everything, but I don’t want to have to start over, rebuilding a portfolio.

You should totally check this site out. It gives you something to ponder over, plus you get to see new movies (or in case like Fright Night, it’s a curse).

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