How was your weekend?

Great? Glad to hear it. What was mine? Not so great. Friday, I got in my car to go to work, and I habitually reached over to turn on my iPod. I looked, and I couldn’t find it. I looked in my usual hiding spot, right by my PSP, and noticed it was gone also. My carton of cigarettes was missing also. And, just as icing on the cake, my wires to charge my PSP, my cell phone, and my auxiliary wire to play my iPod through my car speakers were all gone.

Well, during lunch Friday, I went to the store, and I picked up a new iPod. The iPod that I had was a nano, but I wanted a touch, so I spent the extra money to get the touch. I also got a wire to charge and play my iPod. Well, I got the broadcast one, not the auxiliary one. Plus, I found out that once you turn it on, you HAVE to immediately plug it in to iTunes. I thought maybe I could work around this and play some games on it. First of all, no, I couldn’t. Second, it doesn’t have ANY preloaded games. So, I had to spend the rest of my lunch hour sitting, just listening to the radio. I was pretty bored.

Friday night, I went to Movie Night in Bristow, but more on that tomorrow.

Well, come Saturday, I made up my mind. I was going to replace EVERYTHING. I went to the store to get another PSP and car charger for my phone. I found a car charger, and I found the PSP, but the game I wanted wasn’t there. Ok, I’ll just have to find it elsewhere. Well, I waited in Electronics, hoping someone would come soon. I mean, after all, there was a counter there, and there was a lot of stuff locked up. Surely someone was manning the station. After 15 minutes, I decided to go find someone. I asked some lady working with the bath towels how I could get someone. She told me to pick up the courtesy phone and press 2. So, I did. Busy signal. I waited a bit, and tried again. Busy signal. So, I waited a little more, and tried again. This time…I got a busy signal. So, I looked around the department, and finally found the button which is supposed to let the employees know someone needs help. I pushed it. It told me someone would be there in  60 seconds. 10 minutes later, when no one had arrived, I pushed it again. And, what do you know, the same thing happened. So, I pushed it one last time. When no one came, I went to the customer service desk, which was hard to find, because it was in the foyer. I wasn’t too happy with that, because I had stuff I wanted to buy, but I didn’t want to be accused of stealing. So I set it down, and went to the desk.

When I got there, I was obviously irked, but I make sure to not be a dick. I was able to express my frustration, and was able to get some help, without having to talk bad about them, their momma, or their dog. I didn’t want to take it out on anyone. So, I went back to Electronics, and was able to get my PSP.

Next stop, the game shop. I went there, and looked through the PSP selection. After a few moments, I realized it would take me forever to find it, because it wasn’t laid out in any specific order. So, I went to the counter to have them check, and it turns out it was behind the counter. So, had I not gone to them, I never would have found it. I got the game, and returned to my car. I realized I never plugged in my phone, which was now dead. I plugged it in, and nothing happened. I realized I was going to have to exchange, so I went back to the store, and got the same person at the desk. Here is where not being a dick came in handy. I went back to the Electronics and got a new charger-this one was a wall charger. Now, since I wasn’t a dick, she was nice enough to let me open the package and make sure this charger worked before I left. YAY.

So, that was my Saturday. What joy!

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