Bloggers Needed

Hey, all.

I just wanted to start out by saying that this blog is designed to be a representation of the people and personalities you can expect to see at Dulles Triangles. By members sharing their thoughts, experiences, ideas, and emotions, people who haven’t heard of DT’s yet, or people who are on the fence about coming to an event or happy hour don’t have to meet new people, but instead can meet people they already know and like. That is the goal of this blog, and I hope we can fulfill it.

In the mean time, I’m requesting bloggers. It’s hard coming up with something new and interesting to talk about every day. I mean, I’ve got an opinion, and if you don’t have one, I’ll be more than happy to share mine, but it may not be interesting you to. And a boring blog is a useless blog. Trust, I could bore anyone about my droning on and on about science, star trek, and other nerdy things. But not everyone in DT’s is a nerd, and I’d hate to scare off people who would like to meet new and interesting people because all factors point to a bunch of nerds running the place. That is far from the truth.

We’ve got a person in DT’s who is working her way through culinary school. We have a guy loves duct tape. We’ve got a Golden Girls fan, a gym rat (well, he works out, and works at the gym), a political activist. The list goes on and on. So, if you’re a member of DT’s, and would like to blog, holler at me. I’ll get you set up. Not a member, become one! Then you can tell the world about your cat, your crazy coworker, or that show you just can’t stop watching.

How would you blog? Well, you can either become a member of this site, and create your own profile, or you can contact another blogger, and s/he can post it on your behalf. I can even give you a crash couse in blogging basics. Bear in mind, I’d tell you everything I know, so if one of us figures something out, all of us can learn. I admit, I’m a newbie, but I’ve never let something like “I don’t know how” stop me. I tell my coworker all the time, CTRL-Z in your friend. I can’t tell you how often I’ve screwed things up because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. So, after playing around with it (ooh, what does this button do?) I figured out how to work things, and while I’m nowhere near proficient, I can manage. I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

So, y’all, when are you going to sign up to become a blogger? The pay is lowsy, but the fringe benefits are awesome-all the warm fuzzies you can handle. I know there are plenty of interesting people out there. If I have to, I’ll start posting reasons Star Trek is better than Star Wars. Don’t make me do that.

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