DT’s Spring Dance May 27

DT’s next dance will again be at Fairfax’ only GLBT bar, So Addictive, in Herndon! Come grab a bite to eat for just $15 at their fantastic buffet (or 15% off food order) plus their amazing happy hour prices as always till 8:30pm. A free parking lot is located across the street. Email us if you have any questions, otherwise see ya there!
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Financial arguments for gay marriage

In an Op-Ed in the New York Times, an author doesn’t like the idea of using financial gain as a reason to allow gay marriage. What do you think?

Should proponents of gay marriage also use financial arguments also?survey software

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Entertainment News 5/4/2011

Pop Quiz! What do you get when you combine equal parts Jim Carrey, Dancing Pengiuns, and Vanilla Ice? Give up? A movie which is made of tired old plots and jokes.

If you’re looking for something a little more superpowered, maybe you’d be interested in the new Green Lantern trailer. It make be an origins movie, but it still looks better and more interesting than Thor – this coming from a guy who isn’t a big fan of DC comic’s superheros.

You know that tired, old movie about a psycho killer who invades a home and tortures its residents? At first glance, you might think The Perfect Host is one of those. However, the home owner is having a dinner party this night, and he’s not going to let a silly thing like a psycho murderer stop him. He’s going to throw a killer party!

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Entertainment News 4/27

Recently, the latest trailer for X-Men: First Class came out. We get to see more of the story and the characters. Me, not knowing my mutant from a hole in the ground, can only recognize Beast, Mystique, Professor X, Magento, and Emma Frost.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little more Greek, and a little less clothed, this movie is for you. Being a God of War fan, this movie looks very similar to the premise of the game. However, GOW fans know you kill Theseus in the second game, by slamming a door on his head. But that’s neither here nor there. The moral of this story is it looks awesome, and it comes out on Veteran’s Day.

Finally, it’s time for aliens to attack. Skyline had pretty LA’ers fighting them, Battle for Los Angeles had the Marines fighting them, and the Kitchen Sink will have vampires and zombies fighting them. So, who’s left? How about inner-city gangs in England?

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Entertainment News 4/20

As of posting, there doesn’t seem to be too much to talk about, but here goes.

The movie Warm Bodies is a love story with zombies…no really. A zombie falls in love with a warm body (hence the name) and he has to fend off the undead masses. I wonder what their kids would look like.

In other Zombie-related news, zombies and vampires are going to have to team up, and throw everything but the Kitchen Sink at a problem – an alien invasion. This seems like a cool idea. It’s taking your standard Independance Day movie and putting a new spin on it. That’s cool.

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This Week in Kittehs 4/15

Always have a plan for the Zombie Hordes!

Spoiled Alert

Why you should keep your cat’s nails trimmed

A heart-warming story (more than just a cute picture.)

Do it…I dare you

Not exactly Poseidon

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This Week in Kittehs – 4/8

If you get this, you are offically a nerd.

Maybe he wasn’t named right…

Everyone needs a hobby.

Maybe the lint trap is a little overdue

Someone’s about to be sued…for false advertising.

This must come from Australia.

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